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Marjorie Steele

This is the creativeonion network.

Marjorie Steele

This is the creativeonion network.

We have honest conversations about things that matter through journalism, poetry, and weird shit.

What is this place?

As an alternative to Facebook, a Medium blog, and all my other social channels scattered across the Nightosphere, this network is a bundle of all my bits and pieces: independent journalism, poetry, essays, podcasting, tarot, and other stuff. Some of my friends from Medium and IRL join me here as writers and moderators, contributing their own unique voices, experiences, and research.

We talk about a wide range of topics, from politics and society to the arts, identity, spirituality, and meditation, with some poetry and mythology thrown in for good measure.

The common thread is that we’re all tired of binary, red v blue, tribal mainstream attitudes and ready to have intellectually honest—and civil—conversations about real things that actually matter.

This is also a place where I'm free to say whatever the fuck I need to say, rather than chasing down clickable trends. I invite my readers to come and do the same, and to meet others who are interested in honest, drama-free conversations about things that matter - people who are looking for the third path.

No abuse. No bullshit. Just reasonable dialogue.

I've given this community two rules:

1) Be reasonable.

2) Don't be abusive.

All opinions are welcome, but abuse is not. If you're not clear on what constitutes abuse, I'd like to refer you to #1. Simple!

Need to stay anonymous for whatever reason? That’s fine by me.

If you’re interested in publishing your own content here, join the network and send me a DM.

Need Marjorie for something else?

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